Storytime Questiontime

 JACKIE HAYDEN (HOT PRESS) TALKS TO TOMMY KEYES ABOUT THE ALBUM “STORYTIME” WHICH IS RELEASED ON SEPTEMBER 30 Tommy Keyes’ songs invariably come across as complete compositions based around a specific subject with intelligent lyrics, without becoming academic exercises or lectures.  The constants that make his latest album Storytime work as a single listening pleasure … Read More

Storytime Sessions diary

Saturday 16 April Bright and early, three old-school musicians and a young gunslinger of an engineer arrived at Hellfire Studios in the Dublin Mountains.  All my albums start off the same way, with the same 4 core personnel.  Apart from myself, there’s Dick Farrelly (guitars and bass), Ger Farrelly (drums and percussion) and Mick Heffernan (engineer … Read More

Announcing my new album!

Ageing With Attitude is my fifth album and (as you’d expect me to say) my best to date.  In February I reassembled my core crew and got to work in Black Mountain Studios in the Cooley Peninsula where we laid the foundations with drum, bass, guitar and piano tracks (and some unreal harmonies from Thomas … Read More