Taking the new album on the road…

My new album Temptation Once Again is released on 9 November. It’ll be available in Tower Records and other good record stores, and also from iTunes and other download sites. All the songs were written since my last album release in 2016, and they’ve all been developed and fine-tuned through constant playing at the various … Read More

The Sunday Songbrunch

Today’s singer-songwriters inhabit the world of “Sessions” – the modern equivalent of the folk clubs of the sixties and seventies that gave all the great names their start – safe havens to develop their craft, try out their songs and play original material to a listening audience. Since I returned to music two years ago … Read More

Bargain Time

It’ll soon be two years (gulp!) since my three albums were released, so the CDs have now been reclassified as back-catalogue. This means they continue to be available in the stores but at a new, lower price. You can now find them in Tower Records, Freebird and Dunboyne Sports and Leisure for €6 each – … Read More

A single for Focus Ireland

We all want to do our bit for homelessness so I’ve written and recorded a Christmas single. It’s available from iTunes and the other download sites and the proceeds will all go to Focus Ireland. It certainly got off to a good start – top of the iTunes singer-songwriter charts on November 18th! There are … Read More

Brimful In My Soul

How long does it take to write a song? That’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. There was a famous conversation in which Leonard Cohen told Bob Dylan that “Hallelujah” took a few years to write, whereupon Dylan responded that one of his songs, which Cohen had said he liked, … Read More

A Hometown gig

Sidewinder was seen as a Dunboyne band, although only one of the band actually lived there. We did, however, rehearse in a shed beside his house, out the country a bit from the village. That was how I came to know Dunboyne, and a little seed was planted in my mind that eventually saw me … Read More

A great review in Hot Press

Hot Press has been the bible for Irish music, going right back to my first time around the block, forty years ago; and Jackie Hayden is a legend in his own right, not least as the man who signed U2 to their first record deal. So, when Jackie Hayden gives An Irish Life such a … Read More

Voices In My Head

I’m just an ordinary guy…I watch a bit of football, play a bit of music – my life is ordinary in every way, apart from the aliens who communicate with the world through voices in my head. Now they’ve planted a song, fully-formed, in my brain and insisted I release it as a single. You … Read More

The reviewer nailed it!

In a very crowded market, it’s hard for independent Irish singer-songwriters to get their work reviewed, but one person who has been doing great work in helping to plug the gap is Liam Oragh. Liam is a talented singer-songwriter himself but he also has a real gift for writing, and you’ll find loads of well-crafted … Read More