Your say

I really appreciate your comments on my music, through the Contact page on this website or through comments on my Facebook page. Here’s a selection.

Big thanks for getting the new album Ageing With Attitude to me – quality CD! Look forward to sharing it! – MICKEY DUFFY (FINN VALLEY FM)

I really enjoyed Temptation Once Again: many excellently crafted and performed songs there. Repeated listening threw up a varying selection of favourites, but the enduring ones for me were Just a Simple Love Song, Brimful in My Soul and the extremely touching Valentine. You have a great lyrical flair that is deceptively direct but must take great attention to achieve. Not to mention a way with a melodic hook that harks back to the great songwriters of the American seventies. All this, plus the apt arrangements and wonderful featured instrumentalists, make me very pleased to add this CD to my collection. – PATRICK KENNEDY (MUSICIAN)

Tommy Keyes has a voice you’d want to hug! It’s always the voice, Tommy. Oh… And the writing. And the telling of the story. And the band… The tune… 🤩🤩👍☝️👌 – FRANK PHELAN

Just listening to the album through decent cans. Lovely songs and really composed playing from the Farrellys, Dave Fleming and Richie Buckley – nice production too. I imagine you could throw Randy Newman in as an influence – no bad thing. Well done to Tommy and all involved. – MARTIN McEVOY (MUSICIAN)

Listening to your album – some lovely tracks on there. Very relaxing vibe! – TANYA FARRELLY (WRITER)

Had a quick listen to Temptation Once Again (nice title) on Apple Music, favourite track so far is The Moon And The Stars. Nice production and arrangements on the tracks and cool cover art. Good luck with the album. – JOHN D’ARCY (DIRECTOR, OPEN UNIVERSITY)

Best of luck with the new album…and make sure An Irish Life doesn’t get forgotten in the current momentum! It’s an artefact of the Irish experience. A standout favourite of mine from the last few years, at least. Keep rockin’, Tommy. – FRANK PHELAN

Really nice, just listened – love the production on it and really love the live strings on Valentine. – RUSSELL FEELY

I’ve put a couple of tracks from Tommy’s album on the playlist at the cafe and they stand up really well. I love Valentine. It’s a beautiful poignant lyric. – ANDREW LAWLOR (COFFEE BOUTIQUE, DELVIN)

I listened to Tommy Keyes’ album in one sitting on release day yesterday. It’s incredibly professional. I had a few weepy moments hearing lyrics about two lovers growing old and one being in a wheel chair as well as Tommy’s voice marrying with his daughter’s so well 😭 I’ve accidentally gone on his launch tour! It’s on Spotify & in Tower Records if you wanna check it out. Congrats Tommy Keyes – SARAH BUCKLEY (SINGER-SONGWRITER)

Tommy is not only a highly talented musician, but a staunch supporter of and a great friend to the performers on the unsigned scene in Dublin. Be sure to grab either a copy or a download of “Temptation Once Again” to give this wonderful artist the support he deserves. – NATASHA HELEN CRUDDEN (POET)

A message popped up on my phone that my preordered album had arrived…I thought a quick sneaky listen what harm?….1 hr later lol🤣👍
Love “Moon & Stars” & humming “Something’s broken” all day since…”Snakes & Ladders” hard listening ( at present!) “Valentine” tough at any time but part of aging …. it’s a very thought provoking album beautifully cast-thank you💞 – HEATHER CONNOLLY

A fantastic CD from start to finish. Well done to all involved in the production, well worth spending euros for it. This man is a fantastic singer and musician and he should be getting more airplay on all radio stations so for those who haven’t got it, make time to do so. – JOHN DULLY (WEST LIMERICK 102FM)

Listening to the new album and really enjoying it. Well done, Tommy, it’s a great job. – PETER SALISBURY

It’s a great album… something special about it. Wishing you well deserved success with it – SINEAD STONE (SINGER, AJA)

Lovely, Tommy, beautiful song and great arrangement 👍 – JOHN HENSHAW (MUSICIAN, THE IRISH CELTS)

Very nice Tommy beautiful number love the rhythm nice and straight simple – MICHEAL FINNEGAN O’BRIEN (MUSICIAN)

I still love your voice, Tommy Keyes. This is gorgeous. – FRANK PHELAN

Nice song Tommy,love the strings,sax and vocals🎉🎉 – DAMIEN ROE

Beautiful song Tommy – LISA BRACKEN